Release 07_02_06_05


New articles have been released in the Thr!ve knowledge base.
  • Add A Tip To An Order Via The Tender Process: Found in Menu/Ordering
  • Add A Tip Via The Orders Screen: Found in Orders Screen
  • Add A Tip Via Driver Close Process - Found in Dispatch/Delivery
  • Create An Order To Go: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Customizing Your Manager Screen: Found in Manager Home Screen
  • Delivery Fees Using Google Maps: Found in Config - Order Types
  • Order A Fractional Pizza - Video: Found in Menu / Ordering
  • Phone Orders - Delivery Area (Google Maps): Found in Config - Order Types.
  • Track Driver Mileage Using Google: Found in Config - Employees
  • Update Your POS System: Found in Manager Home Screen
  • Void An Item On An Order Paid With Cash: Found in Order Screen 
  • Void An Item On An Order Paid With Credit: Found in Order Screen
  • Void An Order Paid With Credit: Found in Orders Screen
  • Void An Order Paid With Cash: Found in Orders Screen

Resolved Issues Thr!ve:


  • 543: In Manager > Order Types > Delivery, there were issues saving the "Reprint ticket when assigned" and "am/pm designation on delivery hours" when updated. This has been resolved. 
  • 502: Resolved an issue where Auto Update was not always indicating that a release was available for some Thr!ve users.
  • 490: Addressed an issue where biometrics was not immediately reading a new employee's finger print after registering their print.
  • 582: Addressed an issue with the Instant Mesa
  • 224: Added a cash location close sheet display after register close, which can be printed.  This addresses an issue with cash reconcile dates not updating.
  • 591, 497: Addressed issues related to the interaction of coupons that apply to multiple items, or multiple times on the order.
  • 532: Improved application of the "Apply to highest priced" vs. "Apply to lowest priced" setting in coupon configuration.
  • Addressed issue with topping count restrictions for coupons.
  • Added the ability to remove an auto apply coupon.
  • 575: Updated the driver sort order to respect the following rules.
    Available drivers are at the top,
    OUT drivers are at the bottom (last out bottom of list)
    When a driver returns, they go to the bottom of the available list.
    When a driver first clocks on, they come to the top or bottom of available driver list according to the settings.
    When a driver goes on break they are removed from the list.
    When a driver returns from break, they are put on the available list.
  • 567: Fixed an issue where drivers were not seeing their tips properly when tips were adjusted using the "Adjust Tips button from the orders screen.
  • 555: When recalling a ticket and voiding an item some customers were having issues with; the 'Clear current ticket?" window not going away after clicking Yes.
  • 592: Addressed an issue where maps in the process screen would sometimes lock up and not close for users.
  • 673: Some customers were getting a continuous "Please Wait" message on the caller ID screen
  • 694: Voiding an order was not updating N2K
  • 677: When processing a credit card some customer's experience issues when trying to use the pay later function.
  • 509: The Deferred Details Report was not displaying the correct serving times. 
  • 589: The Deferred Item Sales Report was reporting an item when it was placed/paid and then again when it became live. Fixed to only report once.
  • 653: Revising a deferred time would cause the orders date and time to update which would cause issues when reporting.

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