Release 07_02_06_04


New "Order in progress" alert: When selecting a customer an alert will now popup indicating any open orders in progress.  This allows you to easily recall an order for modification.

Thr!ve has a new knowledge base:
Read up on processes and how-to's without ever leaving Thr!ve. Clicking on the "Help" button at the top left side of the screen or the "Help" button at the bottom of the screen and our new knowledge base will launch right there in the screen with a library full of useful articles and videos.

When you select the article or video you want to view a window will open right there inside of Thr!ve.

This feature also applies to the help button in the manager home area.

Walk-Thrus: We also have a new exciting feature called Walk-Thru; where you can be guided through a specific process one click at a time. To start a walk-thru; click on one of the "Help" buttons and select from the list of available walk-thrus from the knowledge base launcher.

A popup will appear and indicate what your next move should be.

Our new knowledge base will be forever growing so keep an eye out for new content every release! We also welcome feedback and suggestions for new articles.

Resolved Issues Thr!ve:

  • 278: In some cases when a requirement was setup and the option to select "none" was added to that requirement; the other options would not display properly. 
  • 416: Some customers were having an issue with their printer settings when using IE. We have optimized the printer settings to be efficient in any browser. 
  • 481: in Manager > Config > Customer there is an option to "Output List". Customers who use Firefox were having some issues with this feature. We have optimized this configuration to be efficient in any browser.
  • 488: In some cases customer's were having an issue with their pizza size and crust type being mixed up when data reported to N2K, our enterprise reporting system. This has been resolved.
  • 132: Addressed an issue where if two menu items on separate tabs shared the same sequence number; it would cause one of the menu tabs to not display properly. 
  • 292/429/430: Customers using Chrome and Firefox were experiencing some issues with their new FP readers. We have optimized this feature to be efficient in any browser.
  • 494: When customers placed an order via Thr!ve Online it was not always displaying properly on the KPS screens. This has been resolved. 
  • 413: In Manager > Config > Order Types > Common Setup we resolved an issue where you could not delete items from the drop down menus.
Coupons and Gift Cards:
  • 225: Addressed an issue where in some cases gift cards were not processing. This was due to the balance on the card not covering the full amount of the order's total. The system will now check the balance on the card and allow the user to use the full amount on the card and pay with a different tender type if there is a balance left on the order.
  • 225: In some cases when a gift card was added to an order, once reload or buy new card was selected and the card was swiped the screen did not update the order. 
  • 330/371: Resolved an issue where a coupon that was applied more than once on the same order and then deleted would not remove itself from the order. 
  • 386: Gift cards that were sold without an order were not always properly updating N2K reports. 
  • 418/443: Addressed an issue where coupons with no restrictions were not auto applying to multiple items on an order. Now when you add an item more than once on the same order,  it will apply to all the valid items instead of just one. 
  • 480: Some customers were having issues with discount override not working properly in Firefox. We have optimized the discount settings to be efficient in any browser.
  • 447: When a customer's profile contained two address' and one was deleted an error would occur. This has been resolved. 
  • 445: Addressed an issue where if a customer only had one authorized order type in their profile, it was not displaying correctly.
End of Day - Closing:
  • 139: When performing a driver close shift sometimes the process takes a little longer to complete. We added a message that states "processing please wait" so the user knows the system is still working on the close.
  • 286: Resolved an issue when you close a register from backend / reconcile, it didn't pop up a "Pay Tips" option, resulting in "tips retained"
  • 441: In the previous release we introduced an enhancement that allows customer profiles to have alternate addresses. This was causing some issues with delivery orders displaying correctly in the delivery screen. This has been addressed so that both default and alternate addresses display for delivery. 
  • 438: In some cases a fractional pizza was not displaying on a printed ticket correctly. 
  • 440: Addressed an issue where if a customer wanted to repeat an order from their history it was doubling the items on that order.
  • 444: In configuration > order types > delivery, if you changed additional print time for deferred to day of order and save, the time to print is being hidden.
  • 451: Deferred orders were not respecting sort filters when viewing all orders. 
  • 534: When ordering prompt for price items in quantity the tax was at times doubling.
  • 485: Resolved an issue where deferred orders were reporting to N2K on the day the order was taken instead of the day it was tendered, for customers using that setting in Thr!ve.
  • 487: Some customers were not seeing proper ledger data on their N2K reports, based on store hour settings past midnight.  This has been resolved. 
  • 103: Modified the ticket details report to include hyperlinks that allow recalling a ticket from the backend.
  • 421: Sales by daypart report was showing "net" on the department total line when setting should be "gross"

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