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Alternate Address

Alternate addresses can be useful for customers who could have deliveries to multiple locations but you do not want to have separate profiles. To add an alternate address to a customer's profile navigate to the Customer Screen.

Search for the customer you would like to edit > Click on the customer's name > Click on the paper icon to launch the customer's profile.

The customer's profile will load > Click on the edit button to add the alternate address.

Click on the +  next to the 2nd line of the address to add the address.

Enter in the alternate address.   Enter an address type to help you identify this secondary address, such as 'office'.   Click on the check mark when you are satisfied.

If you wish to make this the default address for this customer, click the "Make Default" link below the address.

Alternate Phone Numbers:
You can also add an alternate phone number by clicking on the + next to the phone fields.

Once you have entered the phone number and are satisfied click the check mark.

Once you have entered in the alternate address and phone make sure you save your changes and the alternate address will be available for deliveries.

To select an alternate address load the customer's profile > Click on "Alt Address."

A window will appear > Select the address you wish to use for this particular delivery and click "Select Address and Save."

The profile will update with the alternate address, which will be used for this delivery.

For more articles and videos on the customer screen and profile functions click here.

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