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Create A Delivery Order

To create a Delivery order navigate to the Customer screen.

Search for the customer.  If the customer is not in the system you can add a new customer profile. To learn more about customer profiles you can read the articles in the Customer Screen section.

Select the customer and click the Check Mark to start taking your order. 

All menus are customizable in the Manager-Configuration screen so placement of items on the tabs and menu can vary per company. However the order bar on the right will always remain the same.

Click on the "Order Type" button to select what type of order this will be.

A new window will pop up,select "Delivery"

After completing the customer's order, you can complete this transaction by clicking "Finish". You'll see a delivery fee on the order total.This was setup in Manager-Config-Oder Types-Delivery. You can read more on this in the Delivery setup article.

This will bring up the tender screen so that you can complete the transaction by indicating the payment type.   This will "pre-arrange" the tender but will not increase any register totals.

Select the tender type the customer wishes to use, enter the amount, and select "Submit".   If the customer is paying by credit card, the card will run at this time. If the customer is paying with cash or you are not sure what tender type will be used, select EX and Cash to indicate to the driver to collect cash.     This can be changed during the driver close process.

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