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Add Or Remove A Topping From An Item

To add or remove a topping from an item navigate to the menu screen.

Select the tab on the left that contains the item you wish to order.
All menus are customizable in the Manager-Configuration screen so placement of items on the tabs and menu can vary per company.

Select the item you wish to add to your order. The item will be added to the order and you will also see the toppings that are included on that item will highlight on the menu. The orange side reduces the item and the light green side increases the item.

In this example we have chosen a steak cheddar sub and the customer does not want mustard but wants to add green olives. To remove the mustard click the left orange side of the mustard button and it will display "No Mustard". The mustard button will also no longer be highlighted on the menu. To add green olives click on the green olives button. It will become highlighted like the other toppings and they will be displayed on the order.

If the customer wants double a topping you can click the green button twice. For example the customer wanted double green olives. You would click the button once to add the initial topping and then click it again to make it double.

When you are finished editing the item you can click "Next" to add a new item to the order or finish to complete the order.

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