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Create A Dine In Order

To create a Dine In order navigate to the Menu screen.

All menus are customizable in the Manager-Configuration screen so placement of items on the tabs and menu can vary per company. However the order bar on the right will always remain the same.

After you have selected the tab that contains the type of food the customer wants, start adding it to the order. The items will display in the order bar on the right.

Once the customer is satisfied with their selection you need to select the order type. In this case the customer is dining in the restaurant, click on "Order Type" .   

 A new window will pop up,select "Dine In"

If your system is setup to require the customer's name upon selecting the order type, a window will popup and you can type in the customer name or choose to go to the customer lookup screen.

If your system is setup to require a tent number instead of a customer name, upon selecting Dine In as the order type; a window will popup and you can enter in the tent number.

Once you have chosen your customer or tent number, you can complete the order. If the system is not setup to require anything, you can proceed with finishing the order without selecting a customer.

To learn more about order type requirements/setup you can read the In House - Bar/Dine-In article.

After the customer is done placing their order, you can complete this transaction by clicking "Finish"

This will bring up the tender screen so that you can complete the transaction by paying.

Select the tender type that customer wishes to use (cash, credit, debit etc), enter the amount, and select Pay. This will complete the order.

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