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Add A New Customer

To add a new customer navigate to the Customer Screen.

In the customer screen click on "New"

The top half of the screen is for the customer's address information. You have the option to enter in a home address, business, or lodging (hotel). If you have phone defaults setup in configuration-order types the area code, city, state, and zip will default to the chosen area code.

As you type in the address field, Google auto-complete is used to suggest matching addresses.   Select an address from the suggested list to populate the city, zip and zone, if defined.   The zone field is used to determine what to charge for deliveries.    The section field is optional and is normally only used for call centers.   The address type field (defaults to main) is used to describe the address such as a customer's home or businses address. 

Below is the Message field, which can be used in add directions or instructions.  This can be printed on the ticket.

If the customer is at a business you can change the type to Biz. New fields will pop up where you can add the company name and suite number.

If the customer is staying in a hotel you can change the type to "Lodge" and the address portion of the profile will change to reflect the hotel's information, guest name, guest phone, and room#.

On the bottom half of the screen you can enter in additional information.
  • If the customer is part of the customer loyalty program you can enter their card here
  • The customer's email address
  • If you have customer groups setup in configuration-customers you can select which groups the customer belongs to in the Customer Groups section.   Reporting will total orders for each group.  
  • Authorized order types allow you to prevent a particular type for this customer (for instance, block delivery on a customer who is not reliable)
  • If you have user fields setup in configuration-customers they will display in the "User Fields" section.
  • The "More Info" sectio can track customer birthday, driver license # (for check verification), non-taxable status, and check authorization status. 

When you have completed entering in the customer's information click Save.

For more articles and videos on the customer screen and profile functions click here.

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