Edit A Requirement Selection

Some items on a menu have a requirement that must be met before you can proceed with an order. For example if a customer orders wings, it may be required that you select a sauce to go with those wings before you can move forward. In some cases a customer may change their minds and want to change their selection.

To change a requirement navigate to the right side of the screen where the order is displayed.

The R on the menu stands for Requirements. If you click on this button you will be taken to the requirements for the item selected. If there are no requirements for an item the "R" will be grayed out.

In this example we have ordered buffalo wings and there are 2 requirements tied to this item, what kind of sauce and the temperature of the wings.

Select the type of sauce that is desired and then click OK.

Select the temperature of the wings and then click OK.

The new selections will display on the order screen.

You can now proceed with the rest of your order.

Requirements can vary based on what is configured for your menu. To learn how to setup and add requirements you can read the following articles.

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