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Log Off From On The Clock Report

Part of a well rounded End of Day process is making sure all of your employees are logged off for the day. A quick way to see if there are still employees logged in you can go to Manager Home > End of Day. The list will show you if there is anyone logged in.

If an employee has left for the day and forgotten to log off you can do it for them by navigating to Manager Home > Reports > Labor > On The Clock

Select the start and end dates that you would like to view. In this case we are doing End of Day so you can leave the default dates of today. Click Generate.

In this example we have 3 employees that are still on the clock (not including yourself).

To log them off for the day, select the star next to their name and click the "Clock Out" button. The employee will be clocked out.

In some cases the employee might still have a ticket/order still assigned to them. If they do, they cannot be logged off until you go and settle their tickets.

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