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Closing Tickets at End of Day

When performing the End of Day process the Checklist could sometimes show that there are some orders that are still open and should be closed before proceeding. 

Tip: If delivery orders show as open, but have been assigned, run the driver close process to close these orders.

Closing tickets through the Orders screen:

You can view all tickets in the Orders screen by starting in the main POS screen > Click on Orders

The Order screen by default shows "All Types" of order types, and "Open" orders. This can be changed to show whatever preference you'd like. Select "Open" orders of "All Types".

By default the date range that is displayed will be today's date. If you want to view a different date range you can do so by clicking on the dates and entering a range as seen in point 3 of the example.

To recall / view an order, click on the ticket number.  The ticket will recall into the virtual ticket.

To close the ticket, you can either finish it and pay for it, or you can void it. For instance, if you have an open pick up order at the end of the night which was never picked up, you may need to void it.

Click on one of the items in the ticket. This will highlight the item and present a new set of options at the bottom of the screen.

Select Void All to close this ticket. 
  • A window will popup asking you to choose if the items were made or un-made. This is for inventory purposes.
  • Choose a reason for voiding the ticket bey selecting a response or entering a custom message.
  • Click the Void Entire Order

The order will void and the ticket will now reflect as Closed.

Repeat with all open orders before completing the end of day process.

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