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Trend Report

Looking for a way to compare daily sales totals side by side?  What if you want to see the last 6 Fridays?  The Trend Report helps you analyze performance over time.   To generate, navigate to Manager Home > Reports and select Trends > Trend Report.

Enter the starting and ending dates for data you wish to compare and click on Generate

This report has configuration options that will pop up.   

You can choose to see data summarized daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, or you can compare custom dates.  You can also choose to include or exclude days of the week.    Keep all the data checked to see key performance indicators, or uncheck any data you are not interested in.   Click Generate.

Here is an example of "Daily totals" for the week, so you can see each day's sales.   At the top of the report is a summary of the top results and the lowest results for the time period.

The main part of the report shows each day's results.

For another example, lets look at how to compare the past several Fridays.   Uncheck all the days but Friday, and run the report for a date range that covers all the weeks you wish to compare.

Here we can see the results, several weeks of Friday Only sales side by side.

One more example - Here we will compare monthly totals for the year by selecting "Monthly Total".

Be sure to specify the date range to include the entire year:

Here are the results, with a monthly total for each month:

Once the report has run, you can click on the "Trend" button at the top to get back to the configuration screen.

If you've created a configuration that you particularly like, you may want to save it.  Just click save at the bottom of the configuration screen, and give your trend report a name.   In the future, you can click on "Saved Trends" to generate that same report.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the report to print or export the Trend report. 

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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