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Inventory Purchases Report

The Inventory Purchases Report shows you a summary of purchase orders saved and received.

To navigate to this report, go to Manager Home > Reports > Inventory > Inventory Purchases.  Select the desired date range and click Generate.

Note: This report generates based on purchase order date, not receive date.  So if you ordered last week and received today, be sure to expand your date ranges to see that order!

The report will appear:

This report shows all open purchase orders saved as well as inventory purchases received (with or without a purchase order)

Columns Include:
  • PO Date:  The date of the purchase order.  If no purchase order was used, this will be the receive date.
  • PO #:  The system-generated PO #
  • Invoice #:  The invoice # from your vendor, entered at time of receipt.  Click on this to view the order details
  • Vendor:  The vendor you purchased from
  • # of items:  The total # of ingredients purchased
  • Total:  The $ amount of the purchase
  • Recv'd:  A green check will indicate the purchase has been received.  A red X means it has not.
Use the buttons at the bottom to Print or export to Excel.

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