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Server Item Sales Report

The Server Item Sales report allows you to view a detailed list the items that your servers are selling the most. This helps you identify your strongest items and servers, and even run contests or reward servers based on selling preferred items. 

To view the server items sales report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Operations > Server Items Sales.

Select the start and end dates you wish to review and click generate.

A window will appear; allowing you to select the departments, categories or specific items you wish to review. Once you are finished with your selection click the select button.

The results will display below. The results will be organized by each server.

  • Grand total of all items: Is the amount of items the server has sold within the time frame you have chosen. This does not mean that all items will be displayed. If you did not select the department or category that contains the items the server sold it will not display.
  • Grand total of selected items: This is the total amount and percentage of items that were sold within the time frame you have chosen AND selected departments and/or categories you selected.
  • Department: The department you selected and how many items within that department were sold. This number will match the number of total of selected items.

If you selected to display categories within the departments; They will break down the amount sold per category, each item within that category, and the percentage of the sales for that whole department.

The far column displays the % of this server's sales that were represented by the item.  This is useful for comparing servers.   For example, if your goal is for servers to sell 10% of their total in appetizers, you will be able to fairly compare all servers using this # (rather than gross amount sold which may vary simply based on hours worked.

You can print and/or export the report to Excel if you need to.

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