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Customer Credit Detail Report

The Customer Credit Detail report is a more extensive look at which customers have received an account credit, which credit they received and for what. You can read more about account credits here.

To view the Customer Credit Detail report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Operations > Customer Credit Detail.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click Generate.

The results will display below.

The following information will be displayed:
  • The customer's name. (The name on the profile).
  • The customer's phone number.
  • The credit that was given to the customer.. This can be a promo, coupon, discount, or misc offer,
  • The date that the credit was applied to the customer account. This column can be sorted by oldest to newest or visa versa.
  • The employee that performed the credit.
  • A note that could have been applied when the credit was given.
  • What date the offer was redeemed on. If it has not yet been redeemed it would say.
  • If the offer has been redeemed; the ticket number will displayed with a hyperlink that you can click on to display the ticket.

From here you can reprint the ticket or enter into full review.

You can print and/or eport the report to Excel if you need to.

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