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Customer Account Statements

The Customer Account Statements report allows you to quickly and efficiently review and print all of your  customer account statements for any specific time period, so that you can invoice your customers.

To view the Customer Account Statements report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Operations > Customer Account Statements.

If you wish to run it for just 1 customer, you can find that customer in Manager>Customers, click on "Edit Details', click on "Manage" next to the account button, and click on "View Statement". 

Select the start and end dates you want to run the statements on and click Generate.

The results will display below.

The left side of the state will display the account holder, the account name, and address information.

The right side displays the statement date and the address to send the payments to.

The body of the statement will display any previous balance prior to the dates run and how much is due on the account now.

For a more detailed, itemized statement, click the "Show Item Details" box > Click Generate again.

The report will run again, however details from previous orders will display in the body of the statement.

You can print and/or export this report if you need to.

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