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On The Clock Report

The On The Clock report is a quick way to see who is logged into the system and a summary of their recent hours and wages. To view this report navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Labor > On The Clock

Select a start and end dates that you would like to review and then click Generate.

The report will display who is currently logged on based on your date search criteria.

What time they logged in, if they're still on the clock, and how much their wage is based off how long they've been logged in.

You can click on the star next to a person's name and then Clock Out to clock this person out for the day.

If a employee still have an order/delivery assigned to them you will get a popup stating they cannot be logged out; with a summary showing which tasks are still assigned. You will have to go to that task and settle it before this person can be logged out.

You can print or export this report to Excel if you need to by clicking on the Excel or Print button at the bottom of the screen.

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