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Employee Schedule Report

The Employee Schedule is a simple summary of your scheduled that is designed for posting for employees to view. 

To view the Employee Schedule report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Labor > Employee Schedule.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click Generate.

The results will display below.

Across displays the days selected and down displays the employees that are scheduled during those days. Each day displays what times and dates the employee is schedule for, and what job type they are to perform that day.

You can customize this report to only view the job types you wish to see by clicking on the "Customize" button. A window will appear allowing you to select which job types you wish to view. You can also have them group the employees by job type instead of just by days.

The results will display in groups by the job types you selected.

You can print and/or export this report to Excel if you need to.

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