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Registers Report

The Register report allows you to view all of your cash locations and their transactions in one spot.

To view the register report, navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Cash > Registers.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click the "Generate" button. The results will display below.

The top portion displays the name of each cash location and how much of each tender type was added to that register for that day.

Click on the hyperlink for any tender type to see the details of exactly which tickets are included here.

The bottom section displays all of the Paid Ins, Paid Outs, Tips, Fees, Transfers, the Deposit and if the drawer was over or short.   Then you'll see the ending balance, and who the drawer is currently assigned to, if anyone.

If there is a line that is red and in parentheses it means that is a negative amount.

You can click on any hyperlinked amount to see the transactions that were performed.  
For example, click on the "Tips/Fees Paid" to see exactly what was paid to whom.

Or click on the "Transfers Out" to see the money that was transferred out of the register and into the main safe during the reconcile process.

If you are following recommended cash management procedures, you should see corresponding transfers out of each cash location and transfers into the main safe, so that at the end of the day each cash location has just its starting balance.  The main safe will have a deposit entry removing its total back down to its starting balance. 

You can print or export the report to Excel if you need to.

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