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Bank Deposit Report

For a quick look at all the deposits that have been made in your store over a specific period of time; you can run the Deposit report.

To run the deposit report, navigate to Manager > Report > Cash > Bank Deposit.

Select the start and end dates that you wish to view and click "Generate". The results will be listed below.

The report will display the following.
  • The date and time of each deposit made.
  • Whether or not the deposit was a Mid Day or End of Day deposit.
  • Each tender type that you have activated and the amount of each one included in that deposit.
  • And the overall total of the deposit.

If any edits were made to a deposit it will show next to the deposit it was made to. It will show the user who made the edit, the time and date, which tender types were edited and the total amount.

You can print or export the report to excel if you need to.

Tip:  You can also have deposit information emailed to you daily!  Read more about setting up the End of Day Deposit alert.

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