Customer Loyalty - Internal Loyalty Points Configuration

The Customer Loyalty screen allows you to configure how you want your customer loyalty program to work.

Thr!ve supports a basic internal loyalty rewards program, where customers can earn points for purchases.  For more advanced loyalty marketing, including triggered messages based on customer behavior, Thr!ve is integrated with Thr!ve Loyalty (SalesBuilder) for customer loyalty and automated marketing campaigns.  Learn more about this business building tool here!

Note: The Internal loyalty program is available as of version 7.8.0

Configuring Internal Loyalty

To configure your loyalty program, navigate to Manager > Config > Customer > Customer Loyalty.

Customer Loyalty:

  • Earn/Redeem Loyalty Points: Check this to activate the loyalty program.
  • Use Loyalty Swipe Card: Check this box if you wish to use loyalty swipe cards to enroll and look up customers.  If not, you can auto enroll everyone, and look up customers by their phone #.
  • Leading Character/End Character:  If you do use loyalty cards, indicate what special characters, if any, bracket your loyalty card # in the mag strip encoding of your cards. If you haven't ordered your cards yet, a standard choice is a % and a ?. If you already have cards, you can swipe a card in any text field to see what is encoded on it. All cards used in the program must be encoded the same way.
  • Auto Enroll: Check this if  you want to have ALL customers enrolled in the program automatically.
  • Allow Mobile Phone: This does not apply to the internal loyalty program.

Point Formula:
This section lets you control how points are earned and redeemed. 

  • Earn __ points for $____ spent:  The basic formula for how points are earned.  Typically you earn 1 point per $1 spent, although you can vary this if you want.   The system will round down on transactions, so if you spend less than $1, no point is earned.   You can also leave this blank if you only want to award points for special items ordered, etc (See point rules below)
  • ____ points redeem for $1 credit:   This controls how points are redeemed for credit on the order.   In this example, 10 points = $1 credit  (So we are giving a 10% rebate).   
The next section has some more detailed rules about how points work:

  • Points expire ____ days after they are earned:   If you want points to expire, set a date range here. Otherwise leave this blank.
  • Minimum points required to be eligible for redemption:   Customer will not be able to redeem any points until they have received at least this many.
  • Minimum points increment for redemption:  Use this field to prevent extremely small redemptions.
Point Rules:
Thr!ve has a sophisticated set of point rules that let you issue bonus points.  Click on the Configure button to set up some rules.

You'll be configuring one rule at a time using the criteria at the top.
  • Earn ____ % of normal points OR Earn ____ point bonus.    This lets you issue a higher % of points (200 % is double points) or a flat point bonus.
  • Choose days of the week if you want to issue bonus points on slow days
  • Choose times of day if you want to issue bonus points on slow times
  • Choose special order types such as Online orders, First order after enroll, or first online order after enroll to issue a bonus.
  • Click ADD to see your rule in the space below.  In this example we have set a bonus of double points on  Monday and Tuesday.    

You can also issue points for specific items ordered.  This is great for a "Buy 10 sandwiches get one free" type of program.    Click on the "ITEMS" button to configure this.

Select your choice of items.  You can choose an entire department, or expand the tree to select a category or individual item.  Press select, then press the ADD button to see your rule.    In this example we set a rule to give a 10 point bonus for any App Sampler order.

Use the red X to remove any rule. 

Tip: Turn on receipt printing options to tell customers about their point totals.  Navigate to Configuration > Printers > Printer Ticket and select the Footer of the Customer Receipt to edit.  Scroll down and you will see options to activate Points Earned, Point Balance and Expiring Points.

Be sure to always save your changes. 

To learn about configuring SalesBuilder loyalty, click here.

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