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Setting Up Your Thrive POS System For Online Ordering

When you are ready to start online ordering, a few simple tips will help you prepare your menu for customer use!

Click on Configuration / Items / Department and choose to edit your 1st Department, then click on Size. 
  • Display names and descriptions: Verify they're correct and user friendly.   You can select a size and then edit the description, display name.   You just have to do this at the department level.  Make sure if you are using the 2nd column that you update these as well. 
  • Not available online: If you want the size available for order online make sure the box is NOT checked.  Some sizes, such as slices, or fountain drinks, may not be available online so check the box for those.

Click on Configuration / Items - and then expand the hierarchy to see the Categories.  
  • Display names and descriptions: Verify they're correct and user friendly.
  • Not available online:If you do not want a category available online you would click the checkbox. 
  • Keep in mind that your modifiers, requirements and other categories must be available online if they are used as a modifier.  You'll be able to control how they appear on the online menu in your online setup.
  • Set up excluded modifiers: If any topping category within the same department does not apply.  For example, you may have an appetizer department with categories for Salads, Fried Apps, Wings and Breads.  Modifiers like Dipping Sauces that apply to Wings do not apply to the Salad category. You can read more about modifiers here.

  • Not Available Online: Items that you don't want to see online, mark not available online.
    Keep in mind that items which are used in requirements need to be available online.
  • Item Name, Display Name and Descriptions: Verify they're correct are customer friendly

  • Size: Make sure the N/A is set in pricing for any size that is not appropriate for this item.

    • Set up suggestions: Are popups that will suggest to the customer other items that will go well with their order. To learn more click here.

    Inclusions / Requirements

    • Mark auto apply coupons as not available online if you don't want them to apply automatically.

    • Any coupons you DO wish to use online need a coupon code to be added, unless they are auto apply.

    Tender types 
    • Not available online: If you do not wish to accept a certain tender type online make sure the the Not Available Online box is checked.

    • What if an item in a particular size is not available online?   Example: I have a size called "To Go Cup". Soda is not available to order online in this size, but coffee is.   Solution: Create a new size for the coffee "To go cup" that is available online, and price it as n/a for soda.
    • What if I want a requirement to apply online only?  Example: I sell cookies. In the store, the customer can just grab the cookie so i don't need to know what flavor. Online, I want them to pick a flavor. 
      Solution: Create a new cookie item for online ordering, with a requirement for flavor.
    Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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