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Phone Orders - Eat-In

The Orders Configuration function allows you to specify details for each order type, including how you would like to identify customers,  delivery requirements and fees, driver and server management, etc.

To set your preferences for eat-in navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Eat-In

  •   Customer lookup required: Allows you to control the level of customer information you require for this order type.
    Full Lookup: Requires that you associate the order with a customer record in the database.
    o   Name Only: Requires that the customer name be entered.
    Phone Only: Requires that the customer phone # be entered.
  • Show in server details: Controls whether this order type is included in the server details / server close shift process. 
  • Standard Promise Time: These times will serve as the default times for lunch and dinner unless specified otherwise.
  • Minimum/Maximum promise time x min: Specify the min/max that system default promise times can be adjusted to.
Save your changes.
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