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Phone Orders - Common Setup

The Orders Configuration function allows you to specify details for each order type, including how you would like to identify customers,  delivery requirements and fees, driver and server management, etc.

To set your preferences for phone orders navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Common Setup

Phone Orders: Common Setup
These features apply to the FireFly user interface only.
  • Require choice of tender when order is taken: Allows you to require that tender types be pre-arranged for delivery orders. If set to "Yes" the tender type screen will appear when an order is placed. the tender can be changed during the settlement process if necessary.
    Tip: If you charge a surcharge for certain tender types, or wish to restrict certain customers from writing checks, or have other tender type restrictions; it is helpful to pre-arrange the tender type. This enables the restrictions to be applied when the order is placed rather than after the driver returns.
  • Alert if extended promise times not updated within x min: If you extend the standard promise time, you will be alerted via flashing screen as a reminder to reset the times.
  • Display promise times at top of screen: If "Yes", this will display an abbreviated promise time for each order type in the blue bar across the main POS screen. A hyperlink enables you to change these times between the min/max allowed.
    Tip: If "No", promise times can be changed from a button on the dispatch screen.
  • Lookup refresh interval x sec: Allows you to set the lookup screen to refresh every x seconds.

Phone Orders: Look Up
These features apply to the FireFly user interface only:
  • Last order recall use for Residential, Business, Lodging*: These fields allow you to determine how to implement last order recall for your various customer types. The last order recall screen appears instead of the customer information screen, showing the most recent orders for that customer and enabling you to quickly repeat that order.
    Screen: Brings up the last order recall screen instead of the customer info screen when looking up a customer.
    Icon: Enables a button on the customer info screen so you can access the last order recall screen if desired.
    Not at all: The last order recall function is not accessible.
  • Default search screen to use*: Allows you to set the default search screen to either the phone search or full screen search.
These features apply to FireFly and Thr!ve:
  • Valid and Default Area Code, State, City, Zip, Suburb:  You can set the state, city, zip, area code, and suburb for your business areas.
  • Valid Grid: This field enables you to set the map grids for your business area. This refers to the letter/number code on a typical map used to define your delivery area.
  • Valid Section: Enables you to create "Sections" to divide your delivery areas. This will be used in the future to route orders in a call center or online environment. 
To add a new area code, state, city, zip, grid, suburb, or section click on the drop down next to the item you want to add > click Add New (example: If you want to add a new zip code click add new on the zip code drop down)

Enter in the name or number you wish to add and click "Add".

To delete a state, city, zip, area code, grid, section, or suburb select the one you wish to delete. A Del button will appear to the right of the selection > Click Del.

Tip:  To set default state, city, zip, etc, make sure the values are showing when you press "Save Changes".  These will be the default values for any new customers added. 

Save your changes.
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