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In House Orders - Table

The Orders Configuration function allows you to specify details for each order type, including how you would like to identify customers,  delivery requirements and fees, driver and server management, etc.

To set your preferences for table service navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Table

  • Use room layout: This will activate the visual room layout features This enables you to create a diagram of your tables and select room the diagram when placing or recalling a table order.
    Tip: This feature requires separate licensing.
  • Server banking: Enabling server banking activates the "Server Details" button in the Open Orders screen and allows servers to assign a bank, settle tickets, and complete a shift close.
    Tip: When enabled on non-register stations, pressing "finish" will automatically save the order, bypassing the tender screen. Also, the "Settle " button on the table screen will let you settle an individual ticket using the tender screen.
  • Default server bank amount: Allows you to specify a default dollar amount for your server at the start of their shift.
    Tip: With proper security, an employee can override this amount when accepting the assignment.
  • Allow tickets to close at register: If you wish to enforce server banking, this field will prevent table type tickets from being closed at a register station.
  • Auto Gratuity:   Specify an automatic tip to be added with parties of X or more people (Be sure to require entering the # of people below).  Select Gross (to apply the gratuity to the total before any discounts or coupons) or Net (to apply after discounts or coupons.
  • Does server keep tips: Allows you to specify how tips reported by your servers are handed in a server banking environment. If set to "Yes" the system will assume the server will keep the tips reported during the ticket settlement process. If set to "No" then tips will be included in the money totals due to the house at the end of the shift.
  • Tip: If you use a pooled tip system, set this to "No" so that all tips are included in an overall pool to be distributed.
  • Does server keep auto gratuity:  Allows you to specify if the auto gratuity will be paid to servers with their tips, or if it is retained by the restaurant.
  • Require table #: Controls whether a table number is required when an order is placed. 
  • Require section: Controls whether a section is required when an order is placed.
  • Enter # of people: Allows server to enter the number of people per table.
  • Enter customer name: Allows server to enter a customer's name on the order/receipt.
  • Require full customer lookup: Controls whether a full customer lookup at a table is required when an order is placed. 
  • Auto clear after settle: If checked, the table will auto clear after a customer settles their ticket. This will make the table available for new seating.
  • Table status alert:
    Seated with no order:
    Have screen notify user within X mins after customers have been seated but their order has not been placed.
    Ordered, not settled:
    Have screen notify user within X mins after a customer has placed their order but the order has not been settled yet.
    Settled, not cleared:
    Have screen notify user within X mins after a customer has settled their ticket but the table has not been cleared.

Save your changes.
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