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Thr!ve Recommended Hardware

We offer a variety of hardware solutions to meet your needs!

Android Tablet Bundle

iPad Tablet Bundle

All-in-one Touch Screen Bundle

Excellent value and visual appeal. 15" Terminal with 15" 2nd touchscreen used as a customer facing display. Comes with a printer in the base. Android, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, with one year warranty.

Use with our recommended Intel Nuc Computer i7 16G RAM SSD (Linux) as a dedicated server

Excellent performance & sleek appeal, the 10.2” iPad is designed for retail environments. Comes with a secure enclosure & base.

Use with our recommended Intel Nuc Computer i7 16G RAM SSD (Linux) as a dedicated server

Reliable performance and power, our all-in-one touchscreen workstations are a workhorse for your business.

Server:   TouchDynamics Breeze Performance, 15" ELO True Flat ResistiveTouch, Intel i7-2600 Quad Core Sandy Bridge, 16G Ram, 256 SSD Hard Drives, Centos 6+

Workstation: TouchDynamics Breeze Performance 15" ELO True Flat, i3 3.1Gig Sandy Bridge CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 Gig SSD, Centos 6+

Hardware Minimum Requirements

Using your own hardware?  Check below for minimum requirements. 




The server is the workhorse of the system which powers your operation and stores your data.

• All systems require at least one server which can be used as a workstation as well.

• A dedicated server is recommended for >5 terminals

• All systems should have a backup server/workstation to use if the primary server fails.

Workstations can be Android or iPad tablets, or PC-based Linux or Windows. PC-based stations should include the following:


Intel i7-2600 Quad Core Sandy Bridge or Intel i7-6700 3.4Ghz

Intel i5 or i3 3.1Gig Sandy Bridge CPU


16 GB DDR3 or better

8 GB DDR3 or better

Hard Drive

320 GB 7200 or better, SSD recommended

256 GB or better

Operating System

Linux CentOS 6.7+

Linux CentOS 6.7+, Windows 10


32 MB video RAM (on board is fine)

32 MB video Ram (on board is fine)


1 on board COM, 2-6 USB, If using as a workstation, see below

1 on board COM (more if using serial printers), 6-8 USB, and 1-2 Parallel on board or SIIG PCI, if cash drawers will be used


1 -1000Mbps (Gigabit)

1 -1000Mbps (Gigabit)




Power conditioning battery backup / surge protector



Power conditioning battery backup / surge protector

FireFox browser with specific configuration changes made to operate securely and in kiosk mode.

Touch Screens: 

15" or greater, 1024 x 768 native resolution, ELO Touch compatible - USB


Thermal, Inkjet or Impact POS printers that can run EPSON Emulation Mode (Epson, Star, Samsung, Ithaca, Partner Tech, Touch Dynamic, etc)

We support printer logo graphic on Epson and Samsung only.  

Ethernet (preferred), serial or USB

Customer Displays:

An iPad mini or Android tablet can be used as a customer display with graphics. Enclosures are available to mount the mini iPad to the back of the workstation.

Magnetic Strip Reader:

Encryption is specific to your credit card processor - tokenized and encrypted swipes are required. Please contact your account manager.

Cash Drawer:

Parallel, serial, or USB w/serial emulation. Linux stations support only Parallel interface or Printer Driven cash drawers. Make sure that your workstations have the proper serial or parallel cards needed for your cash drawers.


We support the Digital Persona UrU fingerprint reader on Linux workstations.  Fingerprint Log on is not supported on iPads or Android tablets.

Router / Switch:

We recommend a high end wireless firewall router that supports VPN access and whitelisting. We sell the Ubiquiti Edge Router X Model ER-X that is preconfigured for Thrive.   In addition any quality network with enough 1000Mbs (Gigabit) ports to support stations and printers.


We sell the Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC LITE Wireless Access Point and the Unifi Cloud Key Controller to Manage the Access Point.

Caller ID:   

Whozz Calling device by CallerID.com.  We recommend Ethernet devices however serial is an option as well. The callerID.com “Vertex” device for VOIP systems is also compatible.

Updated 1/7/2020

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