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Out of Stock Inventory with Video

The Out of Stock feature lets you quickly mark an item as unavailable to sell.

Watch video on Out of Stock:

Marking Items out of Stock:

Navigate to the Manager Home, and check the "Manager Alert" widget on your home page.  Click on the Out of Stock link.

The Out of Stock configuration screen will allow you to select items and move them to the right side list to make them out of stock.  Save your changes.
Out of stock will automatically update to Thr!ve Online (as of version 7.7.0) and Let'sGet Online ordering. 

When the items are available again, just use the left arrow to take them off the Out of Stock list. 

In the POS, you'll see a red X through any items that are out of stock:

This will also prevent you from selecting an out of stock item as a requirement or an inclusion.

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