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Tender Buttons

We covered all the button types in Creating A Menu - Basic Buttons, however we would like to elaborate on the tender button type. Tender buttons are used on stations with a cash drawer to make it easy and quick to cash out orders

Navigate to Configuration > Menus > Choose the menu tab you want to add the button to > Select an available space you want to place the button > Select tender from the button type drop down.
A button will appear and a new set of options will appear.

  • Text Color: Choose the color of the text.
  • Text Style: Style can be normal, bold, italic, or underlined
  • Tender Amount: Enter the tender amount. This button is a quick cash function.
    Example: $5, $10, $20, or EX for "exact amount".
  • Label: Name the button. This will display on the button.
  • Tender Type: Choose what type of payment this button will be attached to.
    Example: Cash, Credit, Debit

  • Order Type: Choose the order type. Example: Dine In, To Go, Delivery.

  • Size: Choose the size of the button.
Click OK and then Update Now once you're done. Your button will look like this.

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