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Creating A Menu Tab

You have created all your departments, categories, items, set the pricing, inclusions, and requirements, all of which is essential to managing your menu. You are now ready to start creating your menu.

Navigate to Configuration > Menus

You will be taken to the menu configuration screen.

To start you will want to click on an available (empty) menu tab on the left. If you don't see any empty tabs, click on the 'Add New" tab at the bottom.    Menu tab configuration options will appear on the right side of the screen.

Menu Setup:
  • Menu #: This is an auto generated #.
  • PLU #: Enter your PLU# (used for multi-store managemd If you do not have one the system will generate one.
  • Display Name: Name your menu.
    Example: Pizza or Drinks
  • Active Days: You can choose which days this menu is active by choosing a day from the dropdown menu > Click the checkbox next to the dropdown to make it active/inactive.

    Tip: All days are checked as active by default.
  • Active Stations: Choose which stations this menu will be active on by choosing a station from the dropdown menu > Click on the checkbox next to the dropdown to make it active/inactive.

    Tip: All stations are active by default.
  • Active Time: Designate certain times of the day that you want this menu to be active.
    Tip: If left blank it will be active 24/7
  • Inactive: If checked menu will be inactive.
  • Visible: If checked the menu will be visible on the stations selected.
  • Menu Graphic: You can choose a graphic to be displayed along side the menu name

  • Scrolling Menu Text: Text will scroll across the bottom of the menu.

  • Disable Scrolling: If checked will disable the scrolling text on the menu.
  • Options:  This pop ups allows you to activate the "Age verification" scrolling message. Enter the required age (21) and the system will calculate the required birthdate to display on this menu.
Click OK at the bottom of the right side of the screen.  Then click on Generate create the menu.

Next you will want to configure your menu by adding buttons. You can learn more about this in Creating A Menu - Buttons.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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