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Other Printing Options

Other Printing Options:
The other options button controls printing options for general printing, label printing, virtual tickets, and reports.

This is accessible via Configuration / Printers / Printer Ticket / click the Other options button at the bottom.

Other Options:
  • Print Individual Subtotal Tickets: Will print a master ticket as well as individual tickets for each subtotal within the master ticket, when the subtotal feature is used.
  • Print "Nothing to Prepare" Tickets: Will print a ticket stating "Nothing to Prepare" for each subtotal name at any printer that does not have items when the subtotal feature is used
  • Automatically Reprint on Voids: Voids will automatically reprint the entire ticket when they occur.
  • Print Signature Line on Voids: Will print a signature line for credit cards even though voided.
  • Auto Reprint on Changed Order Details: If order details such as order type, customer information are changed without any change to items, will reprint another ticket.
  • Print Entire Production Ticket for Revisions: If revised, will reprint the entire production ticket.  Otherwise just the revised items print.
  • Print Address on Deliveries Only: Will only print customer's address on delivery orders.
  • Reprint all deferred orders on demand:   When activated, will allow you to reprint all deferred orders from the orders screen at once - just search for "Deferred" and the date range you wish to print. 
  • Print deferred orders at time of order ___ days out:  When activated, limits deferred order printing at time of order to only print orders which are due within the specified days  (Must also set "Print at time of order" as a deferred order printing default in Configuration / Order Types / Delivery.  Available only if "include deferred on day of sale" is not disabled.)
Label Options:
  • Print Address on Deliveries Only: Will only print customer's address on delivery orders.
Front End Reports:
  • Font Size: Controls font size for all frontend reports that print on the receipt printer, such as timeclock receipts, driver & server close reports, etc.
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