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General Printer Setup

Setting up all available printers is essential for your kitchen and staff to work smoothly. The printer configuration screen allows you to add, configure, and specify options for your receipts and production tickets.

To configure a printer navigate to Configuration > Printers

  • Select Printer Name: Name the printer.
    Example: Kitchen or Grill.
  •  Protocol: Choose the correct protocol for your printer.
    LPD: For Serial or USB printers that are connected directly to your computer.
    JetDirect: For Ethernet printers that connect to a network or router.
    Samba: For shared network printers.
    Tip: All printers must be added to the Linux server "CUPS" printer directory. This happens automatically when you save the printer setup
  • Printer Make: Choose the make of the printer.
    Example: Epson, HP.
  • Ticket for Receipt: Select the ticket format you wish to use when a customer receipt is printed.
    Tip: You can create custom formats for each printer by reading the Printer Ticket article.
  • Ticket for Production: Select the ticket format you wish to use when a kitchen ticket is printed.
    Tip: You can create custom formats for each printer by reading the Printer Ticket article.
  • Activate Production Print Timing:  This feature is deprecated /  not recommended.
    Tip: Cannot be used in conjunction with Print Entire Ticket option.
  • Label for this Printer: This will display in the POS.To avoid confusion it's best to name it the same as the Printer Name.
    Example: Kitchen or Grill.
  • IP: If applicable enter the network's IP address.
  • Printer Model: Choose the model of the printer.
    Example: Epson Thermal TM-T88.
  • Select Printer Type: Indicate if this is a printer used for receipts, labels, or reports
  • Print Item Routing Options: You can designate which ordered item goes to which printer.
    o   Print Items to the Designated Printers: Can designate items to go to different printers based on what they are. Pizza to a pizza printer and a burger to the grill printer.
    o   Print Entire Ticket for Each Production Printer: All items ordered will print to all production printers relevant to that order.  For example, if you order a pizza, it will print just to the pizza printer.  if you order a pizza and burger, both items print to both printers to facilitate communication in the kitchen. (This would include non production items such as drinks)
    o   Print All Production Items for Each Production Printer: All production items will print on all production printers. (This would NOT include non production items such as drinks - any item without a printer assigned)
  • Add to Categories:  If clicked; a pop up with all available categories will appear. Choose which ones you wan this printer to be associated with and then click Add Production Printer.   This is a shortcut to editing each category individually.

Once you have entered your printer click the Add button. Your printer will now show on the Currently Installed Printers list and be available for use.

To learn more about setting up printing on the item or category level you can read the Item / Category Printing Setup article.

 If you need to update the printer settings you would select the printer from the Currently installed list and click Edit Printer.

When editing a Printer, the "Test" button lets you print a test print to ensure it is set up correctly.

To learn more about other types of printer and ticket setup click here.

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