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Creating Messages

Messages can be added to tickets either for individual items or for the whole ticket. They can be used for anything that modifies an item or an order but has no effect on the pricing or inventory.

To create a message click on Configuration > Messages > Setup Message

Once you click Setup Message the options to Add, Update, or Delete will appear. If you do not see the message you are looking for or starting from scratch you can click Add. Once you click Add a field will appear on the right side of the screen to type in your message.

In this example we are going to add a message for No Mayo.

  • Hot Key: The hot key function is not active in the POS, so just skip this part.
  • Display in POS: If checked, the message will display in the list of messages in the POS.  You can apply it to individual items or tickets.  If not checked, this message will not display on the list but can be used when creating requirements.
  • Driver Alert: IIf checked, adding this message to the ticket will automatically create a driver alert. When the driver is assigned the order, a pop-up will remind the driver to heed the message.
  • Available Online: Check this box to ensure that messages (especially those used in requirements) are available for online orders. 

Save your changes

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