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Item / Category Printing Setup

Designate which item goes to which printer in the kitchen at the category or item level. You should first have your printers setup before moving forward. Please read the General Printer Setup article.

Example: If a customer orders a pizza and a burger you will want the pizza to go to the kitchen printer and the burger to go to the grill printer.

In this example we will designate a pepperoni pizza to go to the kitchen printer.
Configuration > Items > Pizza > Specialty Pizza > Pepperoni Plus > Edit

From the item edit screen > Click Printing on the sub-navigation menu.

Kitchen Printing:
You will see a list of available printers that you previously set up. (General Printer Setup)
Select the printer you want the pizza to go to and add it to the Selected Printers area by clicking on the double arrows.  

TIP:  Set up your printing defaults at the category level first.  If you need to override individual items, check the "override category defaults"

  • Print Bold/Red: You can have the item print in bold or red font on the receipt
  • Override Category Defaults: Override print settings for an individual item
    Tip: All other options will be grayed out unless this is checked.
  • Print Included Items(s): Included toppings/modifiers will be printed
  • Activate Print Timing / Av. Production Timing:   This feature is deprecated / do not use.
  • Print inventory Weights(s): Will display inventory ingredient deductions for each item
    Example: Cheese 3oz, Sauce 5oz etc.    This requires the optional inventory module.
  • Print Each Item on Separate Ticket: Will print each item ordered on a separate ticket
    Example: 3 pizzas are ordered, 3 tickets will print, one for each pizza
  • Exclude Size: Exclude a certain size from printing in the kitchen
    Example: Mini pizzas are typically precooked and kept at the front of the store. To exclude, select the box > Click on Details > Select size to exclude > Save
Customer Receipt Printing:

  • Print Bold/Red: You can have the item print in bold or red font on the receipt
  • Print Included Items(s): The customer's receipt will display standard inclusions
    Example: Pepperoni pizza:  mushrooms, olives, bell pepper
  • Print Promotional Message: Can add a thank you message or promotional message or coupon to use on next visit.  This, used in conjunction with the Promo message feature in printer ticket set up, will print on the ticket only when this particular item is ordered.

Label Printing:

You can print labels to place on pizza boxes to keep track of which box belongs to which order.
Select the available printer on the left and add it to the right by clicking the double arrows.

Save your changes.

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