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Inclusions Setup

Inclusions help make ordering and inventory easier, however in order to move forward you will first need to have all your items setup. If you have not yet done that you can read the Setting Up Items article.

In this example we're going to be creating an inclusion for a chicken sandwich.
We can set up all chicken sandwiches to come default with certain ingredients by going to
Configure > Items >  Sandwiches > Click on the name you wish to edit to highlight it and then click on the Edit button.

Tip: Inclusions can be done at the category or item level.

In this example we're going to be making an inclusion for Southwest Chicken Sandwich. (SW Chicken)

You'll be taken to the category edit screen. From there click on the Inclusions and Requirements on the sub-navigation menu.

Inclusion Setup:
Expand your categories to select an item and add it to the right side by clicking on the double arrows. Be sure to choose the items from the correct category within the same department.

Adding these items will ensure that every time a chicken sandwich is ordered it will include these ingredients and display them on the order.

  • "NO" Reduce Price: If the box is checked and that modifier is removed from the item then the price of the order will be reduced by that topping's price. Example: If Cheddar cheese cost $.10 and the customer says they want no cheese, then the total cost of the chicken sandwich will reduce in price by $.10.
  • Override Category Defaults: This will override any category settings  and let you make changes to an individual item.
  •  Display on Virtual Ticket: If this box is checked then the included modifiers will show up on the virtual ticket. if this is unchecked the modifier buttons will still light up; however they will not be listed under the item on the virtual ticket.

    Tip: For new restaurants where the staff is new to the menu, its a good idea to have it display.

  • Allow Substitutions:  If one topping is removed then it can be replaced by another item with no upcharge, or just charging the difference if the new topping is more expensive.

    Tip: You can set a limit on how many substitutions can be made. 
Save your changes when you are done.

If you would like to add requirements (required choices) please read the Adding a Requirement to an Item article.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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