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Tax Structure Configuration

Before you start building the menu you need to setup taxes, that way when you are building the menu you can make sure all the items added have sales tax associated with it.

Log into the system and navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Tax/Tender/Cash

Once you're on the Tax/Tender/Cash screen you will want to set up your Tax Structure by selecting "Add New" from the drop down menu and give it a name.

Tip: If you have a separate liquor license or other types of taxes you should go ahead and add them to the list now.

Once you've named your tax structure you can set the PLU # if needed. The PLU is used for Central Menu Management to sync tax structures across multiple stores.

Tip: The PLU # should be the same across all stores.

Set your "Display Name". We recommend that you set it to the same as what your "Tax Structure" name is to avoid future confusion.

You can dictate when you want these taxes to apply to other types of sales by checking the options on the side of the screen.

On the right side of the screen you will see various options for this tax type. 

Use for Misc. Charge - If you use the Misc. Charge feature, you can choose to tax it.
Use for Gift Cert. Sales - Typically tax is not collected when a gift card is sold, however if for some reason you wish to, you can check this to charge tax. 
Use for Auto Gratuity - If your state requires you to charge tax on any auto gratuity (service charge), check this box.
Priority for all items on the order - This is not a commonly used feature.  When checked, this tax rate will override any item configured tax structures.  For example, perhaps your state has a higher "liquor" tax that is charged when only liquor is purchased, but once a food item is ordered, the lower "food tax" applies to the whole bill. 
Display tax in item price - This will "hide" the tax in the item's price, not breaking it out in the tax line below.  This is commonly use in conjunction with "tax included in price" item configuration.
Show included tax line - With the above setting, this gives you the option to show a line of "included tax" even tho the tax is displayed as part of the item price. 

Set your Tax percentages per order type.

You can dictate whether you want taxes to be applied before or after any discounts applied to an order.

Choose your most common order type from the "Display for Order In Progress" drop down menu.

Save your changes.

Tip: If you're starting from scratch, the next article you will want to read is Setting Up Departments.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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