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Scheduling E-mail Reports in Thrive Analytics

Thrive Analytics has the ability to e-mail you a report on schedule. Here's how to set this up:

In Thrive Control Center, navigate to Employment > Employees to see a list of employees. Select the employee you wish to schedule for, and use the Edit icon.  

Expand the "Scheduled Reports" section. Click on Add New Scheduled Report.

Select your local time zone and DST preference for scheduling purposes.

Select the Report you wish to receive from the drop down. Not all dashboard reports are available, as e-mailed reports must be formatted differently to fit on a PDF page.  If there is a particular report you would like added to the e-mail functionality, please submit a software suggestion (

Select the time frame the report should cover. Default is Yesterday.

Select the schedule for the report: Daily, Weekly or Monthly.    Depending on this selection you can pick the time, day, etc.   Keep in mind that data is compiled in Analytics every 2 hours or so -- be sure that you schedule the report late enough after the end of day to include all data.

Select the Locations to include. Use the "Select All" to select all your company's locations.

Save your changes.  

Note: The time of the e-mail will vary up to 15 minutes from the scheduled time. The e-mail will be sent from "". Please add this to your contact list to avoid it being sent to spam.

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