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Add a Tip via the Order Screen (version 8.1+)

If an order has been placed and you need to add a tip, add it via the Orders screen.

This can be done to reflect tips added to a credit card slip by the customer, or to add a tip prior to presenting the check to the customer (i.e. for a large party gratuity)

To do this navigate to the orders screen using the clipboard icon.

Locate the order you wish to add the tip to by searching for it. Once you have located it click on the order to highlight and then click on "Adjust TIps." at the bottom of the screen.

Adding A Flat Tip Rate:
You can add a flat rate tip. To add a $5.00 tip to this visa payment, type 5.00 on the keypad.  Click save.

Adding A % Tip:
Its common to enter a % tip, especially if you are adding a manual gratuity for a large party.  Click on the "Tip Percent" button at the bottom of the tip entry screen to switch to % entry.   Type the % into the field at the top using the keypad.  The dollar amount for the tip will be calculated below.  Click save.

Note: When entering a % tip, the calculated dollar amount is saved on the ticket.   This does not update automatically if the ticket total is updated.

Note: You will not be able to enter or adjust a tip in the following situations:
  • The credit card batch has already been settled
  • The tip on this order has already been paid out to a server or driver

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