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Reprint Ticket (version 8.1+)

Once a ticket has been placed, you may need to reprint a receipt, kitchen ticket, or credit card receipt.  

The Reprint ticket button is available in several places:
  • The bottom of the orders screen
  • The bottom right of the Virtual Ticket
  • The bottom of the dispatch screen
From the orders screen or dispatch screen, find the ticket you wish to reprint. 

Select the ticket by touching it anywhere until it highlights in yellow.

Select the Reprint Ticket button at the bottom of the screen

The Reprint screen will let you choose what type of ticket to reprint:

Receipt:  Prints to the designated receipt printer for this station.
Kitchen: Prints to your choice of production printers that are relevant for this ticket
Local:  Prints a customer receipt to the designated "local" printer for this station.
Label:  Prints a box label to the designated label printer for this station.
Credit:  Prints a credit receipt to the designated credit printer for this station
Account:   Prints an account payment receipt to the designated credit printer for this station.
All:  Prints all relevant receipts.

If you choose Kitchen, you may have the option to select printers.  All printers related to any items on the ticket will default here: 

Deselect any printers that you don't want to print a production ticket to.

Any unsaved items on the ticket will be saved before it prints.

  The ability to reprint a ticket is controlled by the security setting Cashier Functions > Reprint Kitchen Ticket and Reprint Credit Receipt  

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