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Customer Advanced Search Marketing (version 8.1+)

Your customer database is a treasure chest of information - and marketing to existing customers is a great way to build your business!  Here's some tips on how to use the Advanced Search feature in Thrive to find the customer segments you are looking for! 

Watch a video that covers this material: 

The Basic Advanced Search

Navigate to customer search to get started, and click on the Advanced Search icon in the lower left of the screen. 

From here, click the + sign to add your first criteria.

For a simple example, lets look for new customers -- so we'll pick "First Order Date" as our criteria. 

Once I pick the criteria First Order Date, I have some options.   Here we can pick a time frame and a date, or make the criteria more generic such as 30 / 90 days ago. Keeping it generic is great if you plan to reuse this criteria next month. 

Click Apply to see the results. 

You'll see the total # found in the upper right, as well as some details about each customer.  

Using the Results

Now that you have a segmented list (in this case, of new customers), you can export, merge, apply an offer, or delete.    Select all the customers in the list by checking the box at the top of the results.   Use the functions at the bottom of this screen to apply an offer, delete, or merge.  Or close this screen to go back to the main search screen for the Export option. 

Pressing Export will download a .csv file with customer details. 

Item and Offer Searches

Its easy to search based on what items customers have or have not ordered.  For instance, find everyone who's never tried your pasta, and cook up a marketing special just for them - maybe apply a "free pasta" offer to their account so they will give it a try!   Here we've selected the "Items Ordered" criteria, and searched for customers who ordered either the Wings 6 or the Wings 12. 

Finding customers who've used a particular offer is another great strategy -- you know they are motivated by coupons so they are probably a good investment for direct mail offers in the future.   Here we're searching for customers who've used the "VIP" offer.

Multi-Criteria Searches

Ready to get a bit more complicated?  Combine multiple criteria in your searches. 

For this example, we'll look for customers who've ordered online more than 25 times OR spent more than $1500 online.

Let's start with choosing the filter "Number of Orders" and setting it to greater than or equal to 25 times.

Next, we'll add the online criteria.  Click the main + sign again to add a new filter.

This time we'll pick "Order Channel" and set it to equal "Online". 

Now we've got both criteria limiting our search results.  They are joined by "AND" which means both criteria apply. 

Next, we want to add some flexibility - we'll allow greater than 25 orders OR more than $1500 in spending.  To do this, we want to modify the 'Number of Orders" criteria but clicking the + inside that line. 

I've selected  "Amount Spent" and set it to Greater than $1500.

Finally, we've changed the "AND" to "OR" under the "Amount Spent" criteria to allow that section to find customers who have either greater than 25 orders OR greater than $1500 spending.  

Saving Criteria

Once you've created a complex set of criteria, you can save it.  Just click on the "Save" icon and give it a name. 

To apply a saved criteria, click the "Open" icon and select from the list. 

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