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Merge Customer Records (version 8.1+)

Keeping your customer database clean is important for marketing purposes. But sometimes, duplicate records can get created.  Here's how to merge them together. 

In Thrive POS, search for your customer.  You can search by name, phone #, etc -- whatever criteria will bring up the records you wish to merge. For example, when searching for Rob Barrett I found 3 customers that are similar.

Use the check box at the left to select the customers you wish to merge.

Click on the Merge button at the bottom of the screen:

The Merge screen will give you control over exactly what data to keep. 

The system will select 1 record to be "Primary".  You can change this selection by clicking on the "House" icon at the top of any customer record. 

Any point balances will be added to the primary record and order history will be merged. 
Additional addresses and phones will be added to the primary record. You can uncheck any addresses or phones that are not valid. 

Please note:  If these customers have different e-mail addresses they may have different loyalty accounts.  Merging them in the POS will not impact SalesBuilder accounts -- the primary customer's account will be used in the future.  SalesBuilder offers / points will not be merged through this action. 

When you are ready, click "Submit Merge" to complete the process.

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