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Managing Customer House Accounts (version 8.1+)

The Customer Account feature in Thrive is a great way to track customer purchases and invoice them later. This is popular for business and school orders as well as catering.  

Watch a video overview:

Setting Up a Customer Account:

From the Home screen, click on Customers. Search for an existing customer or add a new customer.  
On the Customer Details screen, click on Account

Make sure that the drop down list is on "New Account"
Enter a credit limit (optional) to limit the amount that can be charged.
Set "Charge Authorized" to "ON"
Enter an Account Name, Contact Name, Phone, email and address, or click "Copy from customer".
Save the account.

The account is now ready to be used.

Paying for an Order On Account

Look up the customer who is authorized to charge to the account.
Ring up the order and press finish
Use the "Account" tender type

Submit the order
A receipt will print for the customer to sign authorizing the charges.

Tip: If you don't see the Account button as a tender type, you may need to activate it. Go to Configuration > Payments > Tender Types.  Select the Account tender type, if it is "disabled" click the check box to enable it. Publish your changes.

If you look up the customer now, the account section will display the balance due and their purchase history. 

Receiving Payment On Account

When the customer is ready to pay their balance, you need to receive payment.
Navigate to Options > Account Pay
Select the account name

Enter the amount paid and the tender type.
Touch PAY
The payment will be recorded to your current cash location and the account balance will be debited.

Manually Crediting or Charging an Account

To manually credit or charge an account (without affecting cash location balances), look up the customer and click on the "Account" section of Customer Details.
Click the Cash Register type icon at the top of that section.

Select Charge or Credit, enter amount, enter Note, and press submit.

View and Print Statements

To view a customer account statement, look up a customer and select the Account section.
Cick on the Statement icon (the middle one at the top of that section)

Select the date range you wish the statement to cover.
Choose to display the statements for this account OR all accounts.
Click Show Statement.

The statement(s) will appear with the option to print or email.

Multiple customers associated with an Account

You can associate multiple customers with a single account
Once the account has been created, look up the next customer you wish to associate and click on the "Accounts" section of Customer Details.
Using the drop down, select the account you wish to link to.
Click "LINK" at the bottom of that section.

To unlink, click the "Edit" icon at the top of the account section, and then the Unlink button.
You can not unlink the final customer from the account - all accounts must be linked to at least one customer.

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