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Customer Groups (version 8.1+)

Customer Groups are a handy marketing tool that can be used for fundraising, discounting, and other marketing purposes.  Customers can be connected to 1 or more groups, and the total spending for those groups is tracked.  Discounts can also apply to specific groups. 

Configuring your Groups

In Thrive Control Center, navigate to Configuration > Marketing.    Click on the "User Defined Fields and Groups" section.  Enter group names in the "Customer Groups" field  

Note: Be sure to take note of whether you are configuring these company-wide or for a specific location. 

Assigning a customer to a group

In Thrive POS, look up your customer and choose "view" to see customer details. 

Select the "Groups" section which is in the middle bottom of the customer screen. 

Select the group you wish to assign and save changes below the group section. 

Reporting on Group Sales

See Operations > Customer Group Summary report for information on sales per group.

Note:  Offers which are limited to customer groups or auto-apply to groups will not apply online, as group data is not recognized by the online ordering solution. 

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