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Promise Times (version 8.1+)

In Thr!ve, the term "Promise Time" refers to the estimated amount of time it will take to prepare an order.  This is especially useful for phone orders such as pick-ups and deliveries.  

Promise times are configured with defaults for each day part and order type.  However, sometimes when things get busy you will want to change the promise time on the fly.

If you have the proper security clearance (set in Manager > Config > Security > "Alter Promise Times") you will be able to edit promise times directly from the customer screen. To do this navigate to Customer Search Screen.

The promise times for each order type are shown below the search fields.   The current daypart is shown on the left (The Dinner) button.  Click this to edit the promise times.

A window will appear with the promise times for each order type that you have configured in the system.

By default, the promise times will be set to what you have configured in Configuration > Order Types > Promise Times; however if you need to account for high customer volume (or lower) the slide bars allow you to set a new time. For example: If you are exceptionally busy during dinner and you're short handed, you can set the slider for delivery to be 70 mins instead of the defaulted 65 mins.

Once you click "Save" the promise time will update. Users will not be able to set the time below or above the default settings of the min and max times that are set in  Configuration > Order Types > Promise Times  

Tip: If you are using Thr!ve Online, once you click on "Save" or "Set to default" those changes will automatically update.

Once business has slowed down, you can go back to the slider and set the time back to "Default" or manually set the slider to a different time. If you have dayparts configured in the system, at the change of a daypart, the times will automatically set back to the default daypart times.

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