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PickUp Orders

Pick Up orders refer to any order that's placed in advance (usually online or over the phone) and then will be picked up by the customer.  This also includes curbside pick up.   Pick up orders have some special features to be aware of. 

Placing an Order
If the customer is phoning in, you may want to start the order with the customer look up / caller ID screen. 
Navigate to the 'Customer' screen and enter the phone number, or select it from the caller ID screen.
Select the customer from the results list and begin taking your order.
Press finish to complete, and choose "Pick Up" as the order type. 

Depending on your configuration, customer look up may not be required.  You can just start the order, press Finish, select Pick Up, and enter the required customer information, such as name and phone.

Tendering the Order
If you are placing the order on a register station, you can pay for the order immediately, which will close the order after it is printed in the kitchen.  If you are on a non-register station, you will have the option to pay for the order via credit card.  However this does not close the order, as orders can only be closed on register stations.  The order will remain open and should be closed on a register station when picked up. 

Completing a Pre-Paid Order
Online pick up orders will come into the system as Open, even tho they may have a credit card payment attached. 

All orders MUST be closed daily to ensure that accounting reports are accurate.

A pick up order which is Open, but already tendered, can easily be closed from the Orders screen.  This is the preferred method (version 8.0.61 and higher) as you don't have to recall the order.   Just touch the green arrow that appears to the right of any pick up order that is pre-paid, if you are on a register workstation.    This will give you the option to "Close & Receipt",  "Close No Receipt" or "Load Order".   The printing option refers to the credit card receipt for signature. 

If you wish to view the ticket before closing, you can click on the "Total" hyperlink to view the Full Review summary. 

If you need to modify the ticket, you'll want to "Load Order" or use the "Ticket #" hyperlink to recall the ticket.  When you press Finish, if the total hasn't changed, you'll see these options: 

Again, you can choose to close it with a credit receipt or without.    Only choose "Register Screen" if you need to change the tender type for some reason (voiding the original credit transaction). 

If you've modified the ticket and the customer now owes more money, pressing Finish will take you to the tender screen.   Here you can easily alter the current credit card charge.  Just select the tendered amount at the top of the screen. 

Once you've selected the pre-paid amount, you'll have this option: 

Choose Use Previous Tender to add the $2.89 to the American Express charge.  

If you prefer to tender the $2.89 a different way, just select the EX and CASH or whatever tender you are using.   

If the order is modified for a lower amount, the system will automatically adjust the credit card tender for final post-auth. 

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