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Easily reorder customer's last order (version 8.1+)

We're all creatures of habit - so when ordering our favorite takeout, we usually like to get the same thing.  Why not make it easy for your customer by offering up the same thing they had last Friday?   With Thrive the customer reorder feature makes this easy. 

Select your customer and choose "View" to see the customer details (or just click on the customer box at the top of the virtual ticket). 

The "Orders" section is in the middle top of your screen.   The most recent order is shown.  

Touch individual line items to add them to your current order.  Or use the "reorder all" button. 

If you want to select a prior order, use the drop down above.

Item prices will be updated if anything has changed.  Coupons are not automatically copied to the new order.  Customizations, messages, etc. are.

Click "Go To Menu" at the bottom of the screen to finish your order.

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