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Add a pop up alert or note to a customer record (Version 8.1+)

Great customer service happens when you know your customers.  Whether its special instructions for preparation or an alert to your staff about special needs, the customer notes feature is handy. 

To add a note to a customer, navigate to the "View Customer Details" screen by searching for a customer, selecting it and using the "View" button or clicking on the customer box at the top of the virtual ticket.

The notes section is in the upper right of this screen.

Click the + sign to add a note. 

Type your note.  Check the "Alert" box if you want the note to pop up when the customer is selected.  Save your note.

Now, you will see the note.  Use the edit icon to the right to make any changes or delete the note. 

Save your changes

If you have marked your note as an alert, it will appear whenever the customer is selected.

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