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Add multiple addresses to customer record (version 8.1+)

Sometimes your customer wants a delivery to their home, sometimes to the office.  You can easily manage multiple addresses for your customer in Thrive.

Select a customer, and choose to "View" their details by clicking on the customer box at the top of the virtual ticket.  

The addresses section is in the middle of the right column.

Use the + sign to enter a new address.

As you type the street address, pause briefly to see the resulting matches and pick the proper address from the list.
An indicator will let you know if the address is in the delivery area. 
Enter an Address Type which will help you identify if this is home, work, school, etc. 
Save the address. 

The icons to the right of the addresses have important meaning. From left to right:
  • The blue checkbox is the default address for this customer
  • The map pin will show you a map
  • The clipboard indicates which address is in use for the current order - if the board is dark blue, it is in use.
  • The edit icon allows you to edit the address.
Save your customer when you are done.

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