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Edit Detailed Customer Information (version 8.1+)

Thrive allows you to keep detailed information about your customers.  In this article we will explore some of the information on the Customer Details screen.  This article applies to version 8.1 and higher.

The customer detail screen is accessed by clicking on the "Customer" box at the top of the virtual ticket once you have attached a customer to an order.   You can also access this screen by searching for a customer, selecting it, and using the "View" button at the top of the screen.

This screen is divided into 3 columns. Lets start at the top left.  Here is the customer name and star rating  (You can define criteria for the star rating in Configuration > Marketing).  The "edit" icon will let you edit basics such as name, address and phone number.   

Below the customer name you'll see an icon indicating customer type (residential, company or lodging), their phone, and address.

"Customer Since" lets you know how long they have been a customer.
You'll also see a summary of their total orders and $ spent here. 

The rest of the screen is divided into 6 "sections" as defined by the dark blue headers.   Most of these sections have 2 tabs to show different information.  Clicking on any of the blue headers will expand or contract that section.   Let's review them briefly:
The bottom blue bar lets you navigate back to the search screen, or to the menu.  Use the arrow to toggle a view of the virtual ticket.

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