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Add A Customer To An Order (version 8.1+) - Customer Search

To add a customer to an order, we first have to look up the customer.

Access the customer search screen from the Thrive POS Main page using the "Customer" button, or from any screen with the customer icon at the top of the screen.

If you've already started the order, you also can touch the "Customer" box at the top of the ticket to access the search screen. 

This screen gives you the ability to search for a customer using the fields in the upper left.  Search by phone, name, address, city, e-mail or loyalty ID.   If you are searching for a company or hotel, touch the "Company" or "Lodging" buttons.

The middle of the screen displays incoming phone calls with information from your Caller ID box. 

Up to 8 lines are shown, with the customer name and phone # and hold time.   An "open orders" indicator shows if the customer currently has an open order, and a "Loyalty" indicator lets you know if they are enrolled in loyalty.    Touch one of these customers if you are answering the phone.

Once you have input information for a search (or selected a caller) you'll see the search results screen: 

You can quickly select the customer to use by touching the round checkbox to the right, or double clicking on the customer result.  This will bring you to the menu with the customer attached to the order.  If you touch anywhere on the row, the customer will highlight.  You can then use the buttons above to "Select" the customer for use on your order or "View" details of this customer.

If you don't find the customer, you'll want to add a new one by selecting the + New button. 

Any search criteria you've already entered will carry over to this form, where you can enter customer phone, name, address, etc.
Required fields are indicated in red (these are configurable in Configuration > Marketing)

As you start to type in the street address, recommended matching addresses will be shown.  Pause a moment after typing the first part of the address to get these results.

Select an address from the suggested results.  This will help to ensure it is a proper address that can be validated for the delivery area.  An alert will appear if the address is not in the delivery area.  The map pin icon to the right will bring up a map of the address.

Once you have completed the customer information, press save.   This will take you to the menu with the customer attached to the order.

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