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Out of Stock & Countdown (version 8.1+)

When you run out of stock or have limited available quantities of items, it can be a real hassle.  With Thrive, it's simple to mark items as Out of Stock.   With our 8.1 version, we've enhanced the Out of Stock function to also allow you to mark a particular size or style as Out of Stock. 

Watch a video explaining this feature:

Marking An Item Out of Stock:

To mark an item as out of stock, from the Home screen, click on Manager and then click on Stock/Countdown.  This will take you to the item stock management area.  This screen will show you all the items that are currently marked as Out of Stock.

From here, search for the item, category, department or modifier that you wish to mark as out of stock.  Be sure to turn the "Show All" button ON so you will see all results, not just those already marked as out of stock.  Once you've found the item(s) you need, just turn on the "Out of Stock" button.  Save, and return to the menu.

You'll see a red X marking the item as out of stock, and if you try to order it, you'll be notified that it is not available.

Note: IF you mark a modifier as out of stock, this will make all items that contain that modifier as an inclusion also unavailable to order.

Note: Saving an item as "Out of Stock" will automatically update its status in Thrive Online as well. 

To mark an item back in stock, simply turn OFF the out of stock indicator and save.

Marking A Size or Style Out of Stock:

Sometimes, you may not want to mark an individual item out of stock, but instead you've run out of dough for an individual size or crust, or a particular drink size.  Here's how to mark a sized item out of stock for one or more sizes.

On the Manage Item Stock screen, use the drop down next to the search field to select Department or Category, and choose the affected department.   Mark it as "Out of Stock" and touch the +Styles button to see the Size/Style drop down.  Pick the individual sizes or styles from the list. You can pick multiple.  Save your changes.

When only some sizes or styles are out of stock, you'll see a small red X in the upper right of the menu button.  Click on the x to learn the details.  If you try to order that size or style, you'll be notified that it's out of stock, but you can order a different size. 

Countdown Items

When you have a limited supply of items on hand, the countdown feature is useful to keep track of how many are left.   To activate countdown on an item, search for that item on the Manage Stock screen. 

Turn the "Countdown" feature ON, and enter the quantity of items you have on hand.  Save your changes.

On the menu, the remaining quantity will appear in red in the upper right of the item button. Each time an item is ordered, the quantity is reduced.  When it reaches 0 the item will appear as out of stock (and Thrive Online will also be updated). 

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