Thrive Control Center Overview

Thrive Control Center is a centralized cloud-based tool that allows you to easily manage your menu & configuration - for 1 store or many.   It also includes Thrive Analytics, an interactive reporting tool that consolidates all your data in one place.
Thrive Control Center is currently in beta release with version 8.1 of Thrive POS.  (Feb 2020). If you are interested in participating in beta please contact your account representative.

To learn more about configuring your POS system with Thrive Control Center, check out the videos below: 

Lesson 1:  Store Hours  
Lesson 2:  Order Types 
Lesson 3:  Delivery
Lesson 4:  Table & Bar 
Lesson 5:  Marketing (Part 1: Customer Settings) 
Lesson 7:  Marketing Advanced Loyalty (SalesBuilder) 


TCC Menus
Lesson 1:  Menu Basics   
Lesson 2:  Advanced items with Sizes & Styles  
Lesson 3:  Modifiers & Inclusions  
Lesson 4:  Requirements 
Lesson 5:  Images  
Lesson 6:  Menu Layout 
Lesson 8: Importing & Publishing  Coming Soon
Lesson 9: Location Overrides   Coming Soon

TCC Offers
Lesson 1:  Basic Offers
Lesson 2:  Advanced Offers, BOGO Offers
Lesson 3:  Happy Hour Offers (Auto Apply, time limits)
Lesson 4:  Combo Meal (Multiple items with value)
Lesson 5:  Free Delivery
Lesson 6:  Advanced Combos (OR, Exclusions, Style/Modifier Upcharges)
Lesson 7: Coupon Interactions  (Coming Soon)

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